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Use Code 'SHOPKEEKI20' For Free Tracked Worldwide Shipping & 20% off all Orders £100 and Above

Nail Decals

Anime SA Ghost Mix Nail Decals

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ATTENTION: These are NOT Nail Stickers. This listing is for Nail Decals only.

Nail Stickers & Nail Decals do the same thing except the application instructions are different. Nail Decals' application is similar to that of a temporary tattoo:

  1. Paint your nails with a nail polish of your choice and let them dry completely.
  2. Cut out the Nail Decal using a pair of scissors.
  3. Place Nail Tattoo in a shallow dish of water for 10-15 seconds. After soaking the Nail Tattoo in water, slide it off it's white backing
  4. Finally, place the Nail Tattoo onto your nail and seal it in with a clear top coat polish. Do NOT seal in with clear acrylic as the monomer will dissolve the decal.

Nail Decals are more fragile than Nail Stickers but are a great affordable option to get the same results as Nail Stickers. And you can definitely make them work just as good as Nail stickers. Simply make sure you seal them in with a generous layer of top coat and don't forget to seal in the free edge to make sure the decal is nice and protected. Advise your clients to avoid activities that dissolve the protective top coat layer E.g. soaking in really hot baths or to wear gloves when cleaning with harsh chemicals. 

However, you can't control how clients treat their nails so for those who are rough with their nails, you could always just use the Nail Stickers option which is stronger and long wearing. 

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