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We are an online Nail Art Supply Store offering quality Nail Art at affordable prices. We mainly specialise in Nail Stickers which are a time efficient and easy way to achieve fun and highly detailed nail designs. Our products require no skills, therefore can be enjoyed by anyone whether you're a professional or hobbyist.

We ship worldwide and are located in both The UK and The USA. As you can see in our Menu, our products are split into two sections: 'UK Shipped' & 'USA Shipped'. This way you can choose either one of these locations that is nearest to you so you can get the fastest & cheapest shipping deal available.

Keep an eye out as we constantly stock our store with the latest fashionable designs and products to help you stay on top of the hottest nail trends.


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We'd love to assist you with any inquiries, there is absolutely no such thing as a silly question! So please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing sally@shopkeeki.com or send a private message to @shopkeeki on Instagram.

Thank you for checking out our store & supporting a small business. ❤