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Use Code 'SHOPKEEKI20' For Free Tracked Worldwide Shipping & 20% off all Orders £100 and Above

Nail Stickers Instructions

Nail Stickers are a time efficient and easy way to achieve intricate and fun nail designs with no skills required.


  • Easy application process: peel, stick & seal in.
  • Very durable on the nail and long wearing, perfect for clients.
  • You will get a fair amount of nail stickers per sheet, definitely getting your money's worth.
  • High print quality which means that the stickers will look very nice and vivid on any shade nails.
  • Nail stickers are very tough and won't get dissolved by monomer which means that they can be encapsulated with clear acrylic if you wish to do so.


  • You can't choose customised sizes. Although, most sheets do contain various sized stickers that'll fit different nail lengths just fine.
  • Precaution is necessary when peeling the nail stickers off the backing sheet as they are much thinner than regular crafts stickers. We do offer the 'Nail Sticker Tweezer Tool' to make this process much easier.


  1. Prep your nails by removing any dust, oil or tacky layer as nail stickers adhere best to clean/matte nails.
  2. Lift the nail sticker off the sheet carefully to avoid tearing it. Use pointed tweezers if necessary, use it to loosen two corners first and then slide it underneath the back of the sticker and lift the rest off slowly.
  3. Place the nail sticker onto the nail. Choose it's position wisely as you won't be able to move it around once it's stuck down.
  4. Press the nail sticker down firmly with your (clean) finger. Start pressing it down from the centre then outwards as this will avoid trapping air bubbles.
  5. If any piece of the nail sticker is sticking outside of the nail, simply snip it off using a cuticle nipper. We've found that this gives a very accurate cut and neat outcome.
  6. Finally, seal it all in with either a clear top coat or encapsulate it with clear acrylic.