Payment Info

If you would like to place an order but want to understand more about the order process beforehand, please read the following information.


Anyone outside of Britain can place an order despite our prices being in British Pounds. There won't be a conversion fee or any extra hidden costs whatsoever. You can place an order as you normally would on any other online store.

The only difference is of course the currency as the British Pounds' value is usually stronger than other world currencies, but only slightly.

Simply calculate how much your order total is in your local currency by typing it into
E.g. 'How much is £.... in (your country's currency)'.

Currency differences examples:
£1 = 1.37 US Dollar
£1 = 1.13 Euro
£1 = 1.74 Canadian Dollar
£1 = 1.78 Australian Dollar

Disclaimer: These examples are calculated in the year 2021 within the month of Jan, currency value is subject to change over time.

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept PayPal or credit/debit cards payments.

Proceed with the check out process to the very end where it will give you 2 options: 'Login to your PayPal Account' to pay via PayPal or 'Checkout as Guest' to pay via credit/debit card if you don't have a PayPal account.

Please keep in mind that due to high PayPal and website fees, we can only accept orders of a minimum of £4 and above.

Contact Us

We'd love to assist you with any inquiries, there is absolutely no such thing as a silly question! So please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing or send a private message to @shopkeeki on Instagram.

Thank you for checking out our store & supporting a small business. ❤