Nail Decals

1 x Nail Decal Gel Polish (Helps Adhere Decals To The Nail & Makes Decals Long Lasting)

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Nail Decals are a great cheaper alternative to Nail Stickers. Except unlike Nail Stickers, Decals lack longevity & a sticky backing. But with the help of this specially formulated Nail Decal Gel Polish, you can kiss these issues goodbye!

Not only does this Nail Decal Gel Polish make the Nail Decal adhere to the nail like a Nail Sticker, but also adds a layer of protection to make the Nail Decal last just as long as a Nail Sticker.


  1. Paint your nails with a Nail Polish of your choice.
  2. Add an even coat of our 'Nail Decal Gel Polish' to the nail & cure it for 30 seconds under a LED/UV lamp.
  3. Once cured, the surface of the nail will be sticky. Place the Nail Decal onto this sticky surface. Make sure to choose the position of the Decal wisely as you won't be able to move the Decal around once it's stuck down.
  4. Add another even coat of our 'Nail Decal Gel Polish' on top & cure it again for 30 seconds under a LED/UV Lamp. This adds a layer of protection to the delicate Nail Decal & ensures it to lasts until the next Nail change.
  5. Finally, seal everything in with a regular Clear Top Coat Polish. 

*To be used with Nail Decals only, do not use with Nail Stickers.

*This listing is for 1 Nail Decal 8ml/0.25oz Gel Polish.

*Keep out of reach of children.


*Avoid contact with skin.

This product has no specific sizes