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(USA) 2 x Double Sided Glue Tabs Sheets For Press on Nails

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This listing is for 2 sheets of double sided glue tabs.

Each sheet contains 24 individual glue tabs. 

These glue tabs are an essential for those who wear or sell press on nails. 


  1. Start with prepping your nails: Remove any oil or dust from the nail's surface with an alcohol wipe. For extra hold, lightly buff nail's surface with a nail file.
  2. Peel the glue tab off the backing sheet.
  3. Place the glue tab on the nail.
  4. Press the glue tab down using your finger to make it fully adhere to the nail.
  5. Remove the clear cover off the top of the glue tab.
  6. Firmly press your false press on nail onto the nail tab and hold for 15 seconds.

To remove: Soak in warm water for a few minutes.

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