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(USA) Pointed Tweezers Sticker Tool / Black

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This listing is for 1 black pointed tweezers nail sticker tool.

Nail stickers are much thinner than regular crafts stickers therefore, precaution is necessary when handling them. This tool will allow you to easily lift up nail stickers off their backing sheet without any fuss. The silicone addition on the end of the tweezers can be used to press down the nail stickers to remove any air bubbles so you don't have to use your finger risking oil and other dust/debris to land on the nail.


*Don't poke the sticker with the tweezers as the tweezers are sharp and therefore, could damage the sticker. Follow these instructions to avoid tearing or damaging your stickers:

  1. Place one point of the tweezer head onto the sticker sheet right below the sticker itself.
  2. Zig zag the tweezer side to side along the bottom of the sticker until the sticker slightly lifts off the sheet.
  3. Slowly move upwards zig zagging the tweezers side to side underneath the back of the sticker until the sticker is halfway lifted.
  4. It's now safe to pinch the sticker with your tweezers and peel it fully off the sheet.
  5. Place the sticker onto your desired nail.
  6. Use the silicone end of the tweezers to push the sticker completely down for maximum adhesion to the nail & to remove any air bubbles.  

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